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Wasim Akram Net Worth: From pitch to Financial Success

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Wasim Akram Net Worth

Let’s look deep about Wasim Akram net worth. Wasim Akram, the former iconic Pakistani fast-bowler is renowned for his exceptional swinging skills. He is revered as an exceptional fast bowler throughout cricket’s annals. His 17-year-long astounding career secured him a multitude of accolades and garnered a global fan base. Bowler turned coach, and cricket commentator Wasim Akram never stops inspiring youngsters. Beyond the cricketing success, Wasim Akram Net Worth has sparked considerable interest. Through diverse avenues, Akram has skillfully built a significant fortune.

Fans give him title the sultan of the swing. Let’s explore handsome Wasim Akram net worth, biography, age, wife, family, and salary.

Wasim Akram Net Worth

Wasim Akram Net Worth Summary

Wasim Akram net worth is $26 Million in 2023. Note that this amount is in USD; convert it to Pakistani Rupees. $26 million translates to a significant amount of 7,486,090,846.00 PKR.

He primarily accumulated this substantial net worth in his playing career days. He not only captained the Pakistan team but excelled in county cricket. Moreover, he appeared in countless advertisements, which he still does after retirement.

In addition, he ventured into coaching and has displayed remarkable prowess as a commentator. So, diverse income streams led to Wasim Akram’s $26 million net worth.

Wasim Akram Net Worth in the Past Five Years

Take a glance at Wasim Akram net worth in the last five years.

Year 2023$26 million
Year 2022$25 million
Year 2021$20 million
Year 2020$16 million
Year 2019$13 million
Year 2018$13 million

Wasim Akram Biography

Here we discuss trendy topics about Wasim Akram Biography. He belongs to middle class family and grow up in populous city of Lahore. Akram present a exceptional skill that symbolic impact on the world of cricket. Let’s explore his fascinating biography. A details is listed below.

Wasim Akram Instagram

Wasim Akram Instagram
Wasim Akram Wife

Name List of Babar Azam Wife

  • Huma Mufti ( m. 1995-2009 )
  • Shaniera Thompson ( m. 2013 )
Huma Mufti

Wasim Akram got married to Huma Mufti, his first wife, in the year 1995. In his 14 years of marriage, they had two beautiful sons, Taimoor and Akbar. Huma passed away in 2009 due to organ failure. Huma mufti picture mention below.

wasim akram wife huma mufti
Shaniera Thompson

Wasim married again in 2013 to an Australian girl, Shaniera Thompson, now named Shaniera Akram. They had an adorable daughter in 2014 named Ayila Akram, who is eight years old.

wasim akram wife Shaniera Akram
wasim akram wife Shaniera Thompson

At the age of 57, Wasim Akram is a cricket legend hailing from Pakistan, born on June 3rd, 1966. His Gemini zodiac sign makes him intellectually curious and determined. He effortlessly juggles multiple pursuits like coaching, commentating, and endorsing.


Wasim Akram Standing tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches. His prominent presence not only reflects his physical strength but also symbolizes his towering achievements in the world of sports.


In his playing days, it was reported that Wasim Akram received a salary of 1.5 million PKR annually from PCB. He stood among the highest-earning athletes in Pakistan.

He transitioned into coaching in 2010. He began his coaching journey with Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL. Later in the year 2016-17, he assumed the role of the director and bowling coach of the franchise Islamabad United in PSL. Later the sultan of swing moved to become the bowling coach of the franchise Multan Sultans. Now, Karachi Kings have him as a chairman and are fortunate enough to boast Wasim Akram as their bowling coach. But the salary of the bowling coach remains anonymous for all these years.

As a commentator, he collects $1500 per match, $3,500 per series, and $600,000 yearly for broadcaster ESPN Star Sports.

Endorsements and advertisements

Reportedly, Wasim Akram commands a fee of 2.5 million PKR for his appearances in advertisements. Presently, he is prominently featured in Ariel commercials. He was prominently associated with Head & Shoulders shampoo in his younger days. Furthermore, he can now be seen alongside his wife in an air conditioner advertisement. He has passionately endorsed Accu Check, a diabetes-related product since he also has diabetes, diagnosed in 1997. Overall, he is partnered with multiple prestigious brands and earns a hefty amount through ads.

Not only ads and endorsements, but he also walked the ramp as a show-stopper back in 2003. He also ventured into the modeling realm, showcasing his versatility by posing for various brands.


Wasim Akram uses Toyota Fortuner for his daily travels valued at approximately $45,000. He also owns a luxurious Mercedes S 500 L.


Wasim Akram lives in Karachi with his wife and daughter in a posh area. His lavish abode is valued in crores.

Career Highlights

Commencing his ODI career in 1984, Wasim Akram faced off against New Zealand in a match held in Faisalabad. He played a total of 356 matches and took 502 wickets. He earned the hallmark of being the inaugural bowler to hit the milestone of 500 wickets.

His debut Test match was against New Zealand in Auckland in 1985. The total number of Test matches played is 104, and the wicket taken is 414.


In 1996, during a match against Zimbabwe at Sheikhupura ground, Wasim Akram created a record by smashing the highest number of sixes in a single inning. He made 257 runs by hitting 12 sixes and 22 fours on 363 balls. Though he was primarily a fast bowler but his aggressive batting style put him in the category of an all-rounder, and he turned out to be an amazing one.


Q: In which year Wasim Akram took retirement?

A: Wasim Akram confirmed his exit from Test Cricket in the year 2002. After a year, he announced his retirement from ODI cricket as well. He had attained the age of 35 back then.

Q: What is the age of Wasim Akram’s Wife?

A: Shaniera Akram, the wife of Wasim Akram, is currently 41 years old, born on March 20th, 1982.

Q: How many wickets did Wasim take in his career?

A: Wasim Akram’s tally included 502 wickets in limited-overs matches and a further 414 in Test matches.

Q: what is the fastest ball by Wasim Akram?

A: His fastest ball was at the speed of 145 kph.

Q. When was Wasim Akram Born?

A.Wasim Akram was born on 23 June,1966 Lahore

Q. What is Wasim Akram Highest Score in Test and ODI?

A.His highest Test Score was 257 and 86 Score in ODI.

Q. Did Wasim received any national Awards?

A.Yes, he received Hilal e Imtiaz from President of Pakistan.

Q .Did Wasim Akram win any World Cup?

A. Yes, He won 1992 ICC World Cup under Imran Khan Captaincy.


In the cricketing journey spanning over 17 years, Wasim Akram emerged as a glorious fast bowler. His unmatched swing skills were beyond the pitch as he transitioned into a bowling coach. Wasim Akram Net Worth, valued at $26 million in 2023, showcases the diverse dimensions of his path. From captaining Pakistan to his modeling gigs, Wasim Akram’s success is marked by hard work and determination. Despite bearing the loss of his beloved wife and starting a new life all over again, his legacy shines, and his impact remains timeless.

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