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Rohit Sharma Net Worth : Unlocking the Staggering Wealth

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Rohit Sharma Net Worth

Rohit Sharma net worth is trending topic now a days. Rohit Sharma, an exceptional batsman and leader of Indian Cricket has achieved remarkable success in domestic and international cricket. His notable victories and unmatched personality have made him a sought-out figure for multiple brands. Rohit Sharma net worth amasses to $26 million / INR 214 Crore in 2023, making him a big star of team India. He is the pioneer of power-hitting and his ability to find the ropes effortlessly sets him apart.

We will discuss Rohit Sharma net worth, BCCI salary, IPL auction, endorsements fee, investments, cricket salary, houses, cars, and other properties.

Rohit Sharma Net Worth, BCCI Salary, IPL Salary, Investment

Handsome Rohit Sharma net worth is a substantial sum of $26 million. In Indian currency, it is equivalent to 214 crores. He garnered his fortune through his triumphant international cricket career and active participation in premier leagues. Additionally, his popularity among brands has led to substantial earnings. These diverse income streams have resulted in a remarkable net worth of $26 million in 2023.

Rohit Sharma Net Worth
BCCI Salary

Rohit Sharma received a striking seven crore rupees cheque from BCCI as his annual salary for 2022-23. His annual player contract with BCCI gives him a boost of INR 7 crore. Rohit Sharma’s central contract with BCCI is a testament to his exceptional talent and consistent cricket performance.  

IPL Salary

Beyond his BCCI contract, Rohit Sharma net worth has ascended due to his standout performances in the highly popular Indian Premier League (IPL). Rohit Sharma has been a pivotal member of the Mumbai Indians serving as a captain for a decade now. Under his captaincy, the squad has earned an astounding feat of winning five IPL titles. As the captain of Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma receives the IPL salary of staggering 16 crore rupees, making him one of the highest-paid players in the league.

Cricket Salary

In addition to his earnings from the Indian Premier League (IPL), Rohit Sharma also receives match salaries for various formats of cricket. His per-match salary varies depending on the format. He receives Rs. 6 lakhs for each ODI match, while for a T20 match, he gets Rs. 3 lakhs per game. Regarding Test matches, Rohit’s per-match salary is Rs. 15 lakhs. These match salaries supplement his overall income and add to his financial success as a prominent cricketer.

Endorsements Fee

Rohit Sharma has established lucrative partnerships with several well-known global brands, including Adidas, Hublot, and Oppo. He garners an impressive sum of approximately INR 5 crore per brand. Such endorsements have significantly contributed to Rohit Sharma net worth, solidifying his status as an influential personality in sports and marketing.


In addition to his illustrious cricketing career, Rohit Sharma has shown a keen interest in exploring investment opportunities. In 2015, he invested in a robotics company named “Rapidobotics” which specializes in providing innovative robotic automation solutions. His exploration continued further.

In 2021, he made another strategic investment in the healthcare sector. A venture named “Vieroots wellness solutions” caught Rohit’s attention, and he diversified his portfolio by investing in it. Rohit Sharma’s investments amount to an impressive Rs. 89 crores. His investment interest signifies his business acumen and desire to support positive ventures.


Rohit Sharma enjoys a lavish lifestyle as a megastar of the Indian cricket team. His house in Mumbai boasts a price tag of Rs. 30 crore, which he bought back in 2015. Rohit also owns a massive Villa in Hyderabad, roughly valued at Rs. 5 crores.

He also had another property under his name, a vacation house in Lonavala. But according to some reports, he sold that vacation house back in 2021 for a considerable amount of Rs. 5.25 crore. Now he lives in ahuja tower Mumbai with family.

Rohit Sharma house

Rohit Sharma does not shy away from enjoying the fruits of his success, from luxurious homes to high-end vehicles. Here is a list of cars owned by Rohit Sharma with their estimated worth:

  • BMW M5 (Formula One Edition) – ₹ 1.73 crore
  • Toyota Fortuner – ₹ 32.59 lakh
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS 400d – ₹ 1.29 crore
  • Audi A6 – ₹ 67.76 lakh
  • Skoda Laura – ₹ 12.5 lakh
  • Lamborghini Urus – ₹ 4.18 crore
  • BMW X3 – ₹ 61.90 lakh

It’s important to note that the value of luxury vehicles can fluctuate, making it difficult to determine an exact amount. As a result, the value mentioned is a rough quote and may vary with the passage of time.

Rohit Sharma Net Worth Summary

Rohit Sharma Net Worth Summary.

NameRohit Sharma
Net worth$26 million
BCCI SalaryINR 7 Crore
IPL salaryINR 16 Crore
ODI salaryINR 6 Lakhs
Test SalaryINR 15 Lakhs
T20 salaryINR 3 Lakhs
Endorsement FeesINR 5 crore per brand
InvestmentsINR 89 Crore
Rohit Sharma Net Worth in the Last Five Years

We will review Rohit sharma net worth from2017 to 2023

2017Rs. 120 Crore
2018Rs. 136 Crore
2019Rs. 142 Crore
2020Rs. 155 Crore
2021Rs. 155 Crore
2022Rs. 195 Crore
2023Rs. 214 Crore

Q.Provide me with an estimate of Rohit Sharma net worth?

A: Rohit Sharma net worth is Rs. 214 crore/ $26 million

Q: Who is Rohit Sharma’s spouse?

A: Rohit Sharma’s spouse is known by the name of Ritika Sajdeh. They married in 2015

Q: What is Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma net worth?

A: Virat Kohli’s net worth is Rs.1050 crore/$122 Million, and Rohit Sharma net worth amounts to Rs.214 crore/$26 million

Q: What is the height of Sharma?

A: Rohit Sharma-the hitman is 5 feet 10 inches tall


In the financial year 2022-23, Rohit Sharma’s bank account received tons of money in terms of IPL salary, BCCI annual salary, endorsements, and return on investments. He has been rightfully rewarded for his contributions to the sport and his leadership role. His association with the Mumbai Indians has not only brought glory to the team. With his continuous success on the cricket field and his expanding brand appeal, Rohit Sharma net worth will most probably increase in the coming years.

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