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Haris Rauf Wife : Ever Green Love Story

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Haris Rauf Wife

Here revealed a full impressive knowledge about haris rauf wife. Some players have an exceptional talent for exciting the stadium and winning the love of fans worldwide. One of these players is Haris Rauf, a fast bowler from Pakistan. His journey from playing with a simple tape ball to becoming a global cricket sensation is fantastic. Just like his fiery ball deliveries, his love life has been quite passionate lately. An enigmatic figure in the background has played an essential role in his journey – his wife. The captivating presence of Haris Rauf Wife lingers behind the scenes.

This article delves into the lesser-known facets of Haris Rauf’s life. Let us uncover the tale of Haris Rauf wife, exploring the moments that define their companionship.

Who Is Haris Rauf Wife?

Haris Rauf Wife

Muzna Masood Malik, a distinguished fashion model, is Haris Rauf Wife. The bride, Muzna Masood Malik, celebrated her birthday on October 20, 1997. Muzna was born in the same city as Haris, Rawalpindi. Muzna is currently 25 years old.

Muzna is a respected model in the fashion industry. Her journey in the fashion world began early, and she quickly rose to prominence by gracing the campaigns of numerous renowned clothing brands within the country.

Muzna’s academic choices have been equally impressive. She earned a Mass Media degree from the esteemed International Islamic University in Islamabad. She further pursued her passion for fashion by attaining a higher degree in Fashion Designing, showcasing her dedication to her craft and education.

Muzna and Haris studied in the same institute, the International Islamia University, where their initial acquaintance gradually started into a deep and enduring love. Over time, their connection deepened, culminating in their eventual marriage.

Haris Rauf Nikkah

On December 24, 2022, Haris Rauf and Muzna had a private nikkah ceremony. The event was small and cozy, attended by their close family and friends. His best friend, Shaheen Afridi, stood with him at every moment and was very happy for Haris. Among the guest were his Closest confidants and beloved relatives.

Haris Rauf Wedding

After six months of Nikkah, Haris brought his bride home after Rukhsati. The splendid wedding ceremony was held in Islamabad on July 7, creating a delightful spectacle for all who attended.

The happy celebrations started with a fun Qawwali night earlier in the week, making everyone excited for the upcoming festivities. During the qawwali night, Haris was seen having a great time with his friends and nephews, really enjoying the music. Even though he chose not to share videos from the Qawwali night on his official account, many others posted them online. These videos caught the attention of cricket fans.

Haris Rauf also shared some moments from the wedding on his official Instagram, so his supporters could be a part of the happy moments too.

In a touching gesture of camaraderie, Haris Rauf’s cricket comrades gathered on the hallowed grounds and donned their practice attire. With Shaheen Shah Afridi as the steady hand behind the lens, their heartfelt video messages adorned with warm wishes illuminated the moment. It was a touching video from caring friends and teammates to celebrate Haris Rauf’s special moment.

Haris Rauf Wedding Pictures

Haris Rauf posted some pictures from his wedding events on his official Instagram. He wrote a really sweet caption with a heart emoji that looked adorable. A snapshot was shared for every occasion.

The first picture captured the happy moments of the Rasm-e-Hina, where the bride and groom both showed their hands with Heena.

Then came the barat event, where Haris stood out in a striking black sherwani paired with a maroon turban. His house was adorned with bright lights, and the car was a moving bouquet with its flowers cascading over the hood and trunk. On the other side, Muzna looked absolutely stunning in a traditional red bridal dress adorned with intricate gold designs. Her jewelry and classic makeup added to her gorgeous look.

For the reception ceremony, they chose lighter shades. Haris wore a cream-colored coat with black pants, while Muzna donned a light pink lehenga with a long tail decorated with silver details.

The couple’s happiness was evident in their smiles; they looked wonderful together. It’s worth mentioning that they looked absolutely stunning at every single event.

Haris Rauf Wife Social Media

Right after their nikkah, Haris Rauf posted something intriguing on Twitter. He mentioned that his wife, Muzna, has no official social media accounts. He wanted to caution everyone about possible scams. Sometimes, when a famous person gets married, and there’s a lot of excitement, fake accounts are created, and counterfeit pictures are posted. Haris wanted everyone to be careful. He also shared an image of his Twitter post on his official Instagram account.

Instagram account

Haris Rauf Instagram

 Haris Rauf?

A prestigious cricketer hailing from Pakistan and winning hearts globally, Haris Rauf has secured his position as a quick bowler. His date of birth is November 7, 1993. Haris has now matured into a seasoned individual of around 29 years. Haris Rauf’s personality exudes resilience and a relentless drive to perform better. Rauf’s bowling displays shrewd calculation and reflects his strength to succeed under duress.

Haris Rauf Career Highlights

Haris Rauf initiated his sporting journey through his alma mater, International Islamic University, Islamabad. He participated as a key player in his college cricket team and came into the domestic scene in 2018. Having excelled in domestic cricket, Haris Rauf caught the attention of national selectors during the Bangladesh tour selection in January 2020.

His T20 debut followed against Bangladesh in that series. His ODI debut occurred two years later, facing the Netherlands in August 2022. Notably, Rauf is yet to participate in Test cricket for Pakistan.


Haris Rauf’s incredible journey from a domestic cricketer to an international star matches his passionate love story with Muzna Masood Malik. Their wedding celebrations were filled with joy and shared moments. Haris’s caution about fake social media accounts highlighted his concern for Muzna’s privacy. Beyond his personal life, Haris Rauf has a bright cricket career with a fast-paced bowling style. Their story is one of love, dedication, and success that continues to inspire fans both on and off the field.

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