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Hardik Pandya Net Worth : A Cricket Star Financial Success

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Hardik Pandya Net Worth

Fans have heart desire to know about Hardik Pandya net worth. Hardick Pandya is worldwide famous cricketer of India. He lived in rental apartment before join in international cricket. His complete name is Hardik Himanshu Pandya. He is excellent all-rounder with both deadliest bowling and batting. He is very handsome looking and quick response in his decision.  All-rounder hardik pandya was born in Gujrat on 11 October 1993 and also captain of Gujrat Titans. His hard work and dedication leads to Indian cricket team. He is right handed and fast medium bowler.

His performance in every match is remarkable and memorable. He contributes all his energy to win match during tough time. His attitude level is always high on pitch. He is so calm is stressful situation and backbone of batting line. Let’s look deep about Hardik Pandya net worth, Wife, early career, Jersey’s number and Hair Style. Marriage date, age, father.

Hardik Pandya Net Worth Details

Hardik Pandya Net Worth Summary

Indian super star hardik pandya net worth has reached around about $1-5 million approximately .Initially he receives the awards from BCCI and brand endorsement. Additionally his enrolment in Indian premier league has also been boosting hardik pandya net worth. He also charge massive amount to Multi Company and famous brand. However, hardik pandya net worth can be change due to various factors such as salary increment, brand endorsement, Investments and other financial circumstances. He received private awards to play key role in India successes in many tournaments.

Hardik is a self-made man and pure soul. Hardik is not an amazing player but very simple down to earth. He always tries to do something new and extraordinary that makes his audience feel excited.

Hardik Pandya Instagram

Hardik Pandya Instagram

Hardik Pandya Wife

Hardik Pandya Wife

Hardik Pandya gained what they deserved and pandya get married with Natasa stankovic. They have most warm love story of decades. These cute couple spends a good journey and what it is called purely love. When you find the one you’re meant to be with then everything becomes clyster clear. Pandya pay full attention to his cricket career and family life. This family is example of simple and humble heart. She is definition of hard work and dedication. She is literally born to make history.

Natasa Stankovic Instagram

Natasa Stankovic Instagram
Who is Natasa Stankovic?

Natasa Stankovic is serbian citizen. She was born on 4 March 1992 . She is model, actress and dancer. She performs her talent in Bollywood shows and TV dramas. Her cute and charm figure made her popular in social media industry. She is a good sense of humor and humble heart. His humble and simplicity is enough to fall in love. She grab full glamour and attention with Hardik Pandya successful life.

Who is Natasa Stankovic?
Hardik Pandya Son

Pandya became father on 30 July 2020.His wife Natasa Stankovic gave birth of baby boy. His name is Agastya Pandya. They have been sharing their happy moments with their son on social media platform.

Hardik Pandya Father

Hardik Pandya is a son of Himanshu Pandya. Himanshu had finance car Business in Surat but later on he shut down his finance business. Hardik Pandya is five years old when his father admitted both his son in cricket academy baroda. Unfortunately, Himanshu suffered from heart attack and passes away on 16 Jan 2021.He was age of 71.

Hardik Pandya Hair Style

Hardik show unique and attractive hair style. He changes hair style in various types. Hair style Pictures listed below.

Hardik Pandya Hair Style
Hardik Pandya Jersey Number

Hardik Pandya jersey number is 33.Someone also called the jersey number as shirt number.

Hardik Pandya marriage date

Hardik pandya and Natasa Stankovic got marriage on 31 May 2020. They celebrate their wedding ceremony in Private Villa.He is most respectable person in his game and fans circle. Fans found him gem of guy, more humble and perform without much talk. However, Cricket is become a source of entertainment and inspiration for million people.

Hardik Pandya Brother

Hardik Pandya Brother

Krunal pandya is elder brother of hardik pandya .He is also international player and all-rounder who played for Indian cricket team. He is a left handed batsman and slow arm spinner. He was born 24 March 1991.He made his international match debut November 2018.Pandya show angry reaction during miss fielding on the ground. Many times he scrolls bad behavior that grabbed the attention of Fans.

Krunal pandya wife

Krual Pandya introduced him a professional, warm and charming player in all way. Krunal proposed Pankhuri Sharma on IPL final match 2017 and bounded his life with her.

Krunal panda wife
Krunal Wedding Pictures
Hardik Pandya Career

Hardik Pandya played immensely 77 matches in Odi career with an average of 33.He contribute 125 fours and 12 sixes in his records. Initially he starts his career in baroda cricket team. Pandya played 11 matches in test career. He got 71st position in ICC ranking. Hardik Pandya career details given below. His perfection all-rounder leads the India team winning stage. He has impressed the BCCI by his quick strike batting and consistency performance.

Batting Stats
List A987613200092*31.741879106.43012145
Bowling Stats
List A988637283382894/244/2438.0010


Q. What is Hardik Pandya’s Net Worth

A. $5 Million

Q.Is Hardik Pandya’s involved in any business?

A. He has various business ventures like fashion and life style ,brand endorsement and real estate

Q. Does Hardik Pandya has own private Jet?

A. Yes. He already owned a private jet for personal travelling only.

Q. What is Jersey number of Hardik Pandya?

A. 33

Q. What is age of Hardik Pandya?

A. 30 Years

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