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Father of Cricket : Exploring the Legacy

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Father of Cricket

It’s extremely hot topic that who is father of cricket. Cricket is a widely loved sport across nations, but it was not as polished sport as it is today. The pioneers of cricket devoted their lives to elevating the sport. Plentiful labor and unwavering persistence were required to bring it to a supreme level. Because of the forerunners, we get to enjoy the sport as it is. One notable person who devoted himself to making cricket match better is William Gilbert Grace and thus rightfully earned the title of father of cricket.

In this article, we will explore the early life, struggles, and contributions of WG Grace to the sport of cricket.

Who Is the Father of Cricket?

A cricketing luminary whose brilliance knew no bounds, universally acknowledged as the pioneer of cricket, and is often known as the father of cricket – William Gilbert Grace A.K.A WG Grace. The younger generation may say that Sachin Tendulkar is the father of cricket, but he is known as the God of cricket. The older generations can claim Sir Donald Bradman as the father of cricket. But it is William Gilbert Grace, the visionary, who did not only play cricket but saw the potential and did everything in his might to make it a better sport. He is known as the father of cricket. 

WG Grace who is widely acknowledge as one of the most iconic cricketers to have played the game of the cricket.

Father of Cricket
Early Life

WG Grace came into this world long ago, on 18 August 1848. The majority of his life was passed in England. WG Grace liked to play cricket even as a child. In that period, the concept of ODIs didn’t exist; test cricket was the only format.

WG Grace made his cricket debut in 1880 against team Australia. He played for many teams like Gloucestershire, London County, and MCC. However, his cricket career was not long, as he only played for nine years but added so much value to the sport that we still remember him for his contributions. Actually he is founder of cricket who spend all his struggle and power to the growth and popularity of cricket.

Career Stats

In an era when cricket was not taken seriously, WG Grace played 44 first-class seasons. He was passionate about cricket and played 870 first-class games. Everyone could see how amazing Grace was at cricket. He made the game exciting, and people talked a lot about him.

WG Grace scored 126 centuries and 254 fifties during his first-class cricket, showcasing his undeniable skills. Later on, he learned bowling and wicket-keeping, becoming an all-rounder. The concept of an all-rounder was relatively new, but people appreciated it and followed in his footsteps.

William Gilbert Grace lived a short life and died at 67 on 23 October 1915. Despite his limited time in the cricketing world, he left a considerable mark to elevate the sport.


WG Grace’s contributions stand out. He embraced significant challenges that others might have avoided. He invested his time and effort to make it better.

As Grace was a great player, he could recognize the deficiencies of the tools. So he made his best effort to upgrade the gear and equipment. He suggested how the bat and other things could be manufactured better, benefiting players’ performance. His suggestions were valuable and provided better equipment to the cricketers.

The tools and his contribution to the cricket approach are also vital. His innovative techniques and strategic decisions in the play inspired other players to copy. People watched and learned from him, making the game more interesting conclusively.

Grace also played a paramount role in setting down the rules of cricket. He always wanted cricket to be a fair and exciting game. We still have specific regulations in cricket that are primarily inspired by his suggestions.


WG Grace was a cricketing pioneer who changed the game’s dynamics with his revolutionized batting style. His vast contributions earned him the title of father of cricket. With his revolutionized thinking, he shaped the sport and left an everlasting legacy. His journey teaches us that thinking outside the box can lead to outstanding achievements.

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