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Cricket Top Player’s Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan : A Closer Look

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Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan both are show stunning performance by world class batsman. Such a deadly combination. They describe the perfection and incredible batting display in the ground. Fans call them a remarkable aggressive batsman. Babar Azam is super-fast and plays with open wide arms. While Muhammad Rizwan plays with medium arm with really delighted style. Rizwan is a chase master and ends the match with confident. Both are symbol of pride for nation.

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan Stats

Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam, two cricket icons, are valuable assets of the Pakistan cricket team. Since they represent the same team, both form a prolific duo rather than fierce rivals. Their friendship and strong bond are evident on and off the field. Deciding who is better, Babar Azam vs Mohammad Rizwan, is going to be a tough call. Both had a fantastic year, 2021, resulting in higher rankings and records. Let’s compare the stats of Babar Azam vs Mohammad Rizwan in all three formats of international cricket to analyze their career trajectories.

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan ODI,Test,T20

The openers for the Pakistan team, Babar and Rizwan, make their partnership look effortless. Before comparing them side by side, first, see the magic they spread together. This batting pair added 1380 runs in the T20I format at an average of 57.50 in 2021. The fantastic duo made six centuries together, making the record for the most century partnerships by a pair in T20I. Not only this, four out of six were 150-plus scores, including the unbeaten 152 score against India.

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan
Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan International T20

Rizwan and Babar are exceptional in T20I, occupying the second and third ranks, respectively. Babar Azam scored three centuries, all three as a captain. No other captain has scored 3 hundred in T20I.Rizwan has played fewer matches than Babar, but still, his average is better than Babar’s. Moreover, there is hardly any difference in the strike rate. Mohammad Rizwan has only one century to his name. Another noteworthy point is the number of sixes hit by Mohammad Rizwan, 74, compared to 53 by Babar. That tells the difference in their batting style

Babar Azam999884143485033037153
Muhammad Rizwan807357162797012524374
Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan Test Series

The highlight of Babar Azam’s test career is the highest score of 196 against Australia in Karachi. Overall, he has accumulated nine centuries and 26 fifties with a total tally of 3733 runs. On the other hand, Mohammad Rizwan achieved the highest of 115* against South Africa. He managed to gather two centuries and seven fifties with a sum of 1373.

Babar Azam87857693696092640919
Muhammad Rizwan484336713730271606
Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan ODI Series

Babar Azam, a true sportsman, received the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy 2022. Not only the trophy, he also bags the award for Men’s ODI Cricketer of the Year 2022. So, 2022 was an excellent year for Babar Azam, and the whole nation cherished this achievement.Babar Azam has played a total of 100 ODI matches, scoring 5089 runs with an average of 59.17. He smashed a massive number of fours – 458. Contrarily, Mohammad Rizwan played almost half the number of innings, scoring approximately one-third of Babar’s score. His average is 34.34 with 113 fours

Babar Azam9391801145460142642123
Muhammad Rizwan54493910138702911212
Babar Azam Vs Mohammad Rizwan ICC Batting Ranking

Babar Azam vs Muhammad Rizwan Portfolio

Chris Gayle achieved the most T20 runs by batsman in 2015.He scored 1665 in 2015.While Azam surprisingly reached nearly with 1607 runs in 2019.However Babar made fifty plus score in T20 series. Which is highest score in 2021.Rizwan scored 2036 in T20 Match. Which is more than 2029 in 2020 T20 series? He played over 100 T20 Matches. His decision to bat higher in order to change the game. Rizwan always show consistency and successful format in every series. He also scored 500 runs and received PSL award of the year 2021 leading the Multan Sultan. He had scored four fifty in twelve PSL matches.

Who is Better Team Babar Or Team Rizwan?

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are undoubtedly going on the right track and will unfold more outstanding achievements together with their unwavering determination and immense talent.Now that you have analyzed all the stats comparisons, records, and awards, it’s time to decide whose team you are on, Babar Azam vs Mohammad Rizwan.

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